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06 November, 2013

Counting Calories Doesn't Help Weight Loss

It may sound strange to all who stick to their low-calories diets, but counting calories is actually a 19th century weight loss strategy. What’s more – it’s highly ineffective and tricks makes dieters stay hungry for no reason.

23 January, 2013

How African Mango Can Help You to Lose Weight

Since Dr. Oz introduced the African mango extract as a “breakthrough weight loss fix” in 2011, the sales of dietary supplements claiming to contain it have significantly increased. It is said to help weight loss by boosting the metabolism and giving more energy, burning the fats and suppressing the appetite. But what exactly is the African mango extract and how does it work?

Where to Buy African Mango Online?

African mango extract became popular couple of years ago when it was mentioned on Dr. Oz Show as an effective help for weight loss. Ever since many dietary supplements, such as raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract, appeared on the market and it is hard to navigate through the various websites and hundreds of products. So where to buy genuine African mango extract online and be sure it’s effective?

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11 January, 2013

Did You Know That Weight Loss Supplements Have Side Effects?

Diet and weight loss supplements and super foods such as the Garcinia extract, the green coffee bean extract and the raspberry ketones became very popular in recent years among people who struggle with extra weight. Read more: Weight Loss But since no prescriptions are required for their use, are consumers really aware of their side effects and potential dangers?