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18 November, 2006


L’Occitane is a relatively new brand to Dubai and the Emirates respectively. The pictures here are from the cozy boutique on the first floor at The Mall of The Emirates, but there is one more equally cute branch at the Ibn Baitutta Mall. I wrote boutique as the decoration is far different than the ordinary shop’s displays. It has spirit and character carefully coordinated with the nature of the products. The L’Occitane range consists of Body Care, Skin Care, Fragrances and Fragrances for Home. All products are created using authentic ingredients and harvesting techniques. I have been told that only the finest ingredients are selected, such as A.O.C. (Controlled Origin) lavender essential oil and olive oil, and organic Immortelle essential oil and verbena extract. Even all the packaging is designed to use the minimum amount of unnecessary packing material and environmentally friendly components. As I understood all of the products are medically tested, but not on animals.
My love story with L’Occitane began few months ago when I was on the search for Shea Butter. There are different products in a complete body care line – pure Shea Butter 100%, 15% body lotions, 10% exfoliating scrubs and creams, cream baths, shower creams, extra gentle soaps, moisturizing shower gels, rich conditioners, ultra rich shampoos and hair creams.
Apart from the Shea Butter there is body care line with fresh Verbena extracts of organic origin with soothing properties and lemony scent. Lavender, honey, almond and immortelle flowers are some of the other popular ingredients and scents in L’Occitane skin and body care ranges. Detailed information is available at their website, which you can view if you click here.


Anonymous said...

isn't it a bit pricy for ordinary customers?

Editor said...

Good Morning,
actually when I first discovered the L'Öccitane, I too acknowledged that is quite pricey. Especially at Ibn Baittuta The Body Shop and the LÖccitane are opposite each other and any one can make quick comparison between the prices for similar products. There are regular customers who stick to the brand as they try it and find the results worth . You can try some of the small products as lip balsam or eye cream, which don't cost much and if you find it better that what you had previously, go for it.

almaha said...

Actually I heard about this brand from my friend am looking especially to Loccitane hair products I have long hair and I need the best treatment such as shampoo and conditioner. Could you please advice which product to buy and where I can find these products in Abu Dhabi, UAE